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Custom 3D Print Quotes

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    Get a Quote for Custom 3D Printed Parts & Prototypes

    3D Printed Parts offers a quick turnaround on 3D printing quotes and expertise in even the most challenging projects. From prototyping to on-demand manufacturing, we have a solution for you.

    Submit Your CAD File

    If you have a CAD file, you can submit it in the form below for nearly instant access to on-demand manufacturing. We manage a wide variety of projects, from one-off prototypes to hundreds of parts for contract manufacturing. Get your 3D printing quote now!

    Don’t Have a CAD File for Your Part?

    If you don’t have a CAD file for your part, we can help! Our CAD services include:

        • Reverse engineering
        • Design revision
        • Design for manufacturing
        • Conceptual design

    Feel free to upload a napkin sketch or image of your part along with a description, and we can begin the quoting process.

    3D Printing Technologies

    3D Printed Parts offers a variety of industrial 3D printing technologies to help you accomplish your product goals, including:

        • Direct metal laser melting (DMLM)
        • Selective laser sintering (SLS)
        • Fused deposition modeling (FDM) prototypes
        • Multi-jet printing (MJP)
        • Stereolithography (SLA)

    Direct Metal Laser Melting

    DMLM is one of the fastest paths to complex metal parts. As the name suggests, a high-powered laser welds metallic powders into fully dense metal parts at a resolution down to 25 microns (40 layers per millimeter) per layer. 

    Featuring open architecture and a proprietary scan strategy, DMLM machines produce functional metal components without the cost and lead time of tooling. Parts created by DMLM benefit from exceptional detail, geometric design freedom, tool-free creation, and direct digital production. Learn more.

    Selective Laser Sintering

    Fusing plastic particles together with a 30–100W laser, SLS is a workhorse for everything from prototyping to tooling to end-use parts. With a variety of materials to choose from and simple post-processing, this technology is among the fastest and least expensive. Learn more.

    FDM Prototypes

    Many people were first exposed to 3D printing through FDM, in which plastic filament or thread is extruded through a print head. FDM extruders dispense heated filament through a nozzle along the profile of the part to be printed. The most economical of 3D printing styles, it produces extremely versatile parts at low volume. Learn more.

    Multi-Jet Printing

    Multi-jet printing is a prototyping staple. When fit, form, and function are critical, multi-jet printing (MJP) is a great option. High-resolution plastics are utilized with wax supports to provide incredibly refined models ideal for proving detail in design. Smooth surfaces with no stair-stepping on curved sidewalls are the hallmarks of MJP. With the physical properties of ABS and the tolerances of injection molded parts, you can prevent design issues up front, reducing the risks inherent with product development. Learn more.


    Utilizing UV-cured photopolymer resins, this technology has the broadest application range, spanning the entire product life cycle from concept development through production. SLA features the finest surface quality, literally unmatched accuracy and precision, the lowest unit cost of production, and the largest build platforms. The different materials in the product portfolio assure you that SLA can produce the parts you need in the time frame that you need them. Learn more.