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About 3D Printed Parts in Grand Rapids, MI

3D Printing Experts

3DPrintedParts.com is a division of Scarlett Incorporated, a 50 year old manufacturing solutions provider. With 3DPrintedParts.com we are leveraging our 3D printing application knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to provide a single source for all of your printing needs. Through our distributed manufacturing model, we are able to provide you with fast quotes and specialized, local manufacturing. Unsure of how you can implement 3D Printing? One of our consultants would be happy to develop an end to end strategy that benefits your business.

3D Printing FAQs

What is 3D Printing?
3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing describes a group of manufacturing processes by which objects are built by adding material, as opposed to removing material.
How much does 3D printing cost?
3D Printing costs can vary quite a bit. While initial investments may seem large, both parts and machine costs are rapidly made up for in reduced product development times, improved time to market, higher performing products and even supply chain simplification. These benefits can outweigh conventional manufacturing methods in many cases.
What are the materials for 3D Printing?
3D Printing can uses a variety of materials. At last count we had access to over 135 materials ranging from thermoplastics to refractory metals.
What software is required for 3D Printing?
At 3DPrintedParts.com we can accept any type of 3D CAD Data. If you don’t have 3D CAD we can help you to generate the models needed to produce your parts.

How We Work?

As 3D Printing experts we will help you adopt a 3D printing strategy that makes sense for you. We can produce parts out of virtually any printable material, many times returning a quote within a matter of hours. Maybe you have a specific production need, we can help you perform a make-buy analysis to determine how you’ll be most profitable. Oftentimes our clients have a blended need. Through our consultant services we’ll evaluate your operation and determine where and how 3D printing will benefit your company. Contact us today to explore your opportunity!

Our Team

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"3DPrintedParts.com is great to work with and did a phenomenal job with our conformal cooling cavity block for a plastic injection mold. Not only were their prices reasonable, but Mike walked us through the metal 3D printing process and helped us better communicate to our customers. It’s awesome showing that 3D printed steels are here to stay and have perfect applications in the molding industry!"

-Diamond Tool and Engineering

"What we appreciated most about working with Mike McLean and The Scarlett Team is their ability to meet our tight timeline, while staying within budget. Scarlett’s quality standards are in-line with our high expectations as a high end furniture manufacturer. As our needs change, we know that Mike and Scarlett will be ready to accommodate us in the future."


"Working with Scarlett has been excellent for us; there is a lot of technical knowledge in the company. They've run the machines themselves, they have it in their shop. It's a big part of the reason that we've been able to get up to speed so quickly."