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Multi Jet Printing Services in Michigan

When fit, form and function are critical, turn to Multi Jet Printing. High-resolution plastics are utilized with wax supports to provide incredibly refined models ideal for proving detail in design. Smooth surfaces with no stair stepping on curved sidewalls are the hallmarks of MJP. With the physical properties of ABS and the tolerances of injection molded parts, you can prevent design issues up front, reducing the risks inherent with product development.

Some machines in the MJP class also have the ability to vary material durometers for overmold applications, print wax patterns for investment casting, or even be put to use printing bridge tooling. With MJP the timelines of product design and development are accelerated like never before.

Multi Jet Printing - 3D Capabilities - 3D Printed Parts


  • High-Performance Plastics
  • Office Friendly
  • Accuracy and Resolution Detail
  • Excellent Use Flexibility
  • 5 Year Print Head Warranty

View our in-house Multi Jet Printer:

Looking for printed parts? In addition to Multi-Jet Printing, we provide parts from Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering and Direct Metal Printing.

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