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Contract Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printed Parts
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Contract Additive Manufacturing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Contract Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printed Parts
3D Printed Parts excels at contract additive manufacturing of complex parts for the automotive, aerospace and medical device industries. Our experience in production scale 3D printing enables our customers to gain the benefits of 3d printing without the expense of owning the machine, hiring and developing talent and managing materials.

We frequently partner with companies who rely on us to share our expertise in optimizing designs for the 3D printing process. Using our advanced skills in Design for Additive Manufacturing, we can consult on your designs to produce repeatable, cost-effective, high-performing, quality components. Some of our design guidance includes consulting on build orientation, part consolidation or even high-performance flow characteristics.

Contract Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printed Parts
We are an additive manufacturing business, which means we have a singular focus on producing your parts in the most efficient means possible with 3D printing. We are transparent in our capabilities and advise many of our customers when there is a more cost-effective method of production available. This focus allows us to make additive production a reality for the many complex components which have capital-intensive barriers to conventional manufacture.

Through our understanding the production usage of 3D printing, we’re able to devise strategies that consider the trade-offs of part orientation, secondary processing and pack density ensuring that our parts will meet your expectations time and again. This in-depth knowledge of the additive manufacturing process enables us to provide highly competitive pricing on a per part basis.

Contract Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printed Parts
We produce 3D printed parts for a large variety of customers year round. This variety allows all of our customers to leverage economies of scale for pricing of materials and machine time that other providers can’t easily match or replicate.

While we can produce one-off prototypes or components, we have projects that run into the 1000s of parts. Contact us today to see if your project may be a good fit for the contract additive manufacturing process.

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Get in Touch with Our 3D Experts – Request a Custom Quote Or Contact Us Here

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